War. War, like a layer of ash after a fire coats the war. The crown, a relic that was once held by the royal family is gone. The world has since fallen into a time of war repeat civil wars of which have altered the face of the world for a different perspective. This is of course has only strengthen his resolve. There are rumors of a true bred heir of which has been hidden from the world and everyone. This is a guiding ray of hope in which several hold true for and are whom what people search for.

This man. This warlord has taken everything of value in this world. The hoard of dragons. The most fair of maidens, of which never last long before they are found again dead their bodies brutally mutilated and repeatedly abused. It is he who holds the most powerful of armies and whom have beat the subjects around him into submission and has earned the fear of the world.

There is rumor told.. A legend..

‘A woman of hair of spun gold, who’s eyes are that of sapphires, from her heart births kindness. From her love brings prosperity. From her sacrifice brings life. From her tears bring hope. From her blood strength. From her life a chance. When the guiding stars align the Seraph and make them whole. She that fell will spread her wings and vanquish the demon in which has crawled from the Abyss. The house of the sphinx will aid anyone willing to search for her and force the blue lion and the company kept will fall.’

Find the Seraph. Make her whole. Bring down the demon.

Forsaken one